How to Use eCommerce Platforms to Unlock Cross Border Trade Opportunities

What role does selling through online channels and ecommerce marketplaces play in your business?

The global population has grown in its use of the internet over time, providing enough motivation to sell items and services online. Furthermore, the COVID19 epidemic has prompted a lot of enterprises all over the world to use eCommerce platforms. 

ecommerce will be the most important sales channel for most organisations in the next decade, whether B2C or B2B. This is already the case in industrialised nations like China, and developing countries like India are catching up.

Tips to market digitally in these countries

Whether online or physically, the emphasis on customer focus is the fundamental key to marketing. The goal should be to attract the attention of the prospects because there are a lot of listings to pick from on social media or shopping websites, and their attention span for each product is quite brief. As a result, make sure that the images of the things you’re selling are appealing. Many people check product reviews before deciding whether to buy something, so ask your customers to leave reviews and ratings for the items they purchase. Another wonderful idea is to develop an appealing SEO-based text for the listed items constantly; persuasive writing helps persuade them to purchase your stuff.

Impact of COVID19 on EXIM and ecommerce Platforms

Due to the lockdowns imposed due to the spread of the covid-19, there has been a significant change in services moving to and emerging from the internet. Copywriting, sales funnels, Google and Facebook advertisements, and other aspects of your online presence as a business have all become vital marketing tools in recent years.

Several eCommerce platforms have emerged as significant sales channels in recent years, and all firms, including cross-border trade, have followed suit. People all around the world are recognising the convenience and benefits of shopping online. Small and medium enterprises’ exports have increased dramatically since they began using ecommerce channels.

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